Important equipment to have to make sure that you have the most enjoyable festival as possible

When it comes to music festivals, they are usually in the summer months when the weather is warm and the air is packed with excitement. Camping overnight adds to the whole experience and means that you need to remain self-sufficient for most of the few days that you are there. While you will be looking forward to the music itself, there are some things you need to think about to ensure that you have a great time. There are some key questions that you need to be asking yourself when getting ready for the festival.

No matter if it is your first festival or your twentieth one; there are always ways in which you can improve the experience. If you ask other festival goers which items they wish they had brought with them, you may be surprised about how smart some of these ideas are. Here are a few of those items that you should keep in mind the next time that you are getting all of your equipment and supplies ready for the festival.

most enjoyable festival

Make sure that you have a sturdy pair of earplugs

Music festivals can be some of the loudest arenas in which you will experience throughout your entire lifetime. You never know what part of a venue you will end up in, but you will be very thankful when you end up beside one of the massive speakers that you have a pair of noise cancelling earplugs handy to block out a lot of the sound instead of going deaf. The worst thing that can happen at a festival is to get too close to one of these speakers and have a constant buzzing in your ears for the rest of your time there.

You won’t be able to enjoy any more of the great music if this is the case. The ear ringing and buzzing can even last for days and weeks after the festival, which can become very annoying, very quickly. Even if you choose some of the more high quality earplugs, they are very inexpensive so it is well worth your while investing in a pair.

Fanny pack

When you are at a festival, one of the biggest problems you will face is carrying around certain essentials with you when you are going form stage to stage. The most effective and efficient way to carry your vital possessions around is to wear a fanny pack. These are much easier to carry around than a purse or backpack, as you don’t have to carry them or put them down, it is always going to be strapped across your waist. It also allows for easy access so you will never have to be struggling to get something out or put something into storage.

Toilet essentials

When it comes to festivals, one of the first casualties is the portable toilets. These can be breeding grounds for bacteria and all sorts of germs, so make sure that you are well equipped with tissues, wipes and hand sanitiser.