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Tips for College Professors Buying Laptops

In research universities, the regular faculty members have numerous responsibilities. They have to teach students, supervise undergraduate and graduate students doing special projects, prepare all their class materials and lesson plans, write letters of recommendation for students and talk to students to help them achieve their academic goals. Furthermore, professors also have to produce research and gain grant support. Renowned publishers like Dove Press might even recognize some of their articles. Evidently, the working lives of university professors are quite stressful and so, they need to have a good laptop by their side. They might pick a laptop at the store or online.  Here are a few tips for college professors who are looking for laptops.

Tips for College Professors Buying Laptops


Each laptop has its own advantages for different purposes. College professors need a laptop for taking notes and designing lesson plans as well as performing thorough Internet research, writing papers and communicating with their colleagues and students through email. Thus, professors must make sure that the laptop they pick is compatible with the types of programs they plan to use in the classroom, and that it is possible to burn CDs, if that is one of the ways they intend to present information to their students.


17 inches, 15 inches and 13 inches are the usual sizes for laptops. However, the use of the laptop matters in this case. People who teach graphic designing or cinematography, for instance, may need a 17-inch laptop to view the entire project on their screen. However, if a professor travels a lot with the laptop and brings it from class to class, a 13 or 15-inch screen would then be a good choice.

Cost and Style

The laptop should provide everything a professor needs in the workplace. For instance, a word processor with spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation software are particularly important for college life, so professors must make sure they don’t spend extra money for any software or memory that they will not need. Larger screens will be more costly. Professors also must make sure that the laptop they pick isn’t too heavy or too thin for them.  At times, stores provide special offers for university officials, so professors must take advantage of that.

Online Purchasing

Under some circumstances, professors may need to buy a laptop online. When buying a laptop online, professors should use a credit card instead of a debit card. They can even use a one-time credit card. If the website turns out to be a sham, the credit card company will reimburse the shopper. Some companies even offer complete warranties on purchases.  The law protects the shoppers in the case of credit card frauds. It is difficult to get the money back with debit cards and nobody wants their account to be emptied as they are tackling things with the bank. Furthermore, using one-time credit cards is advantageous when buying a valuable item like a laptop online because if the number is stolen, it cannot be used for a second time.

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